Tips for weaving and fulling a mohair “blankie”

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The first photo shows a blanket on the loom with weft at 7 picks per inch on a warp sett at 6 epi.

Mohair blanket on the loom under tension

The second picture is the selvedge edge of that blanket.  The selvedge is straight and tight and that comes with shuttle control.

When you are weaving with mohair you may have to pull a little harder when the shuttle comes out of the shed as it is setting the opposite side.  You have to be mindful of that selvedge.  You will also get a better selvedge if you beat on an open shed. So this should be your sequence. Throw the shuttle Place your weft (leave the beater against the fell of the cloth) Change your shed Bring beater back to the castle, ready to throw your next pick. The exact sequence helps greatly with selvedges. As for the fulling, it takes practice too.  Your brush should not pull on the fabric.  There are many cat slickas out there but if your brush is destroying the warp and weft then it is no good.  Your brush should just glide over the fabric.  I brush lengthwise in both directions and then widthwise in both directions.  I had to try several pieces and observe carefully before I had my technique down pat.

Fulled mohair blanket.

Brushed and fulled mohair blanket – look at that halo!

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