Tie-up for the Louet David

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I just received my new Louet David last week.   Can you tell me which way to approach the tie up.   X’s or blanks get tied to each lam?  

In regards to the tie-up, the loom is a sinking jack so if you have x‘s on 1 and 2 then you put a tie-up cord on 1 and 2.  If you have o‘s they would be notations for a rising shed looms.  If you had an o on 1 and 2 then you would tie-up 3 and 4.  Just to recap:  x notations are for counter-balance looms or the David; o notations are for rising shed looms. Weaving notations are getting more difficult all the time because so many publishers uses different systems.  Even Interweave Press publishes one book with numbers and then the next book with black squares.  This makes it hard for newer weavers. Older books use the x‘s and o‘s.   X‘s were always thought of as anchors hence they sink and O’s were thought of as balloons, hence they rise.  Most Interweave Press patterns are written for rising shed looms so you will have to tie-up the blanks.

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