The little black wheels and Texsolv cords on my Spring Loom shafts

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The texsolv cords for my shafts go around little black wheels at the top and bottom of the loom on both sides.  However, they keep coming off the wheels – it seems to be more the front shafts than the back (I’m using 1-8).  I’m doing summer and winter which is heavier on the front shafts but I’m not aware that I’m weaving in any way strangely or differently. It doesn’t seem to be happening on the top wheels but just the bottom ones – I’ve had to pop the cords back onto the wheels a couple of times now.  I haven’t changed the cord length etc in any way since getting the loom from new in November.  I don’t know if it happened in other projects – I guess I didn’t know to look! Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?

You aren’t doing anything wrong.  As you know each harness has its own cord.  The cords on the harnesses that are popping off might be 1 cm longer than the others.  Up at the top of the castle, you can see how all those cords are joined to create the loop. They are joined with a texsolv arrow peg.   Tighten them up one hole and I’m sure that will solve your problem.

Great thanks – when there isn’t a warp on it all lines up so I had thought that the cords were right but I realise that over a long length of texsolv one hole wouldn’t show until you start to weave.   I will tighten and observe (that could be a weaver’s motto couldn’t it!!)

It is not so much about lining up….they will still line up.  There is just a little more slack in a couple of cords and that is why they are popping off your wheels.

Thanks – it worked like a charm! (but then it would – you know what you are doing!!)



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