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Our weaving study group is learning about the structure of Summer and Winter and planning some projects. In some of the drafts we have looked at, there is a notation to use ” No Blocks”. Is there a reference you would suggest to understand how to handle this?

This is a quick description of Summer and Winter….it is called a 2 tie weave, it means that you can tie-down floats using either shaft 1 or shaft 2.  So those 2 shafts are tie-downs and then your other shafts on the loom are your pattern shafts.

So you can have independent blocks on 3,4, and 5,6,7,8 if you have an 8 shaft loom. The threadings go like this: A 1323 B 1424 C 1525 D 1626 E 1727 F 1828   I like to construct my tie-ups in Counter-balance fashion because I can see what treadle manipulates which block. To tie-up Block A you would have a treadle tie-up to 1 and 3 and another tied-up to 2 and 3….this would mean that one treadle would be weaving the A Block using 1 as the tie-down and the other treadle would be weaving the A Block with 2 as the tie-down…. Then you would have 2 more treadles tied up….one treadle that would manipulate B Block 1 and 4 and the other treadle tied up to 2 and 4….. again each treadle is controlling block B but using the 2 different tie-down harnesses. Hope you’re still with me.

If you weave an A block you will get pattern floats where you have A block threaded and you will get ground where you have B Block threaded.  Ground doesn’t look like plain weave or anything else, it is kind of dotty looking. Vice Versa when weaving B block……if you are weaving B Block you get floats where you have it threaded and that dotty looking fabric where you have A threaded. That dotty looking fabric is what they are referring to when they say no blocks.  I wouldn’t call it that, I would call it ground.

To tie that up, you just tie up a treadle to 1 and another treadle to 2. You treadle the 4 pick sequence with tabbies in between but what you will get is dotty looking fabric across the entire front of the fabric and you will get all your floats on the back.

So to sum up… need 8 treadles to weave all combinations of 4 shaft 2 block Summer and Winter. 13 23…those two weave A 14 24…those two weave B 134 234….those two weave both A and B together…so the entire surface is weaving pattern and the back is all dotty and finally, 2 1…..which gives you dotty on the surface and all floats on the back. And if you look at those last two sequences, they are complete reversals of each other. Hope this makes sense.

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