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I have designed my own summer and winter block pattern. I wanted to separate part of the pattern with a ground, and I thought that the warp threads would go on 1,2.  But it doesn’t work.  I did a skeleton tie-up for treadling….I gave up and left the ground out and it is working well.  So for future which shafts would I use for tabby in the warp?  Maybe the question is also which treadling should I use?  I put 1,2 separate and 3,4,5,6,7 for other tabby.  I guess my brain was frazzled when you were going over that.

Ground is really weaving all pattern blocks upside down.  You have your tie-up correct but you may not have the treadling sequence correct. It would be 1,2,2,1 (in pairs) or 1,2,1,2 (in singles) with alternating tabbies in between, just like when you weave an individual block. A total of 8 picks.  Don’t forget those tabbies.  You do have your tabbies correct, 1 and 2 against everything else.

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