Squeaky shaft on my David

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The fourth shaft on my David has developed a squeak on the right side of the castle.  I think the metal rod that carries the wooden cams (?) could use a bit of lubrication.  Does that make sense?  If so, what would I use and how would I get the lubricant onto the rod under the plastic ring?

You can ease the metal rod out of the hole and rub a bar of soap on the end….put it back in and that will most likely do it.

I don’t think we’re talking about the same rod. It’s the one that holds these wooden disks together.  I don’t think there’s a way to take it out easily, and if I did I probably couldn’t get it back together.

Oh Yes, that is a completely differently rod :^) You just need to get a drop of oil down there and you probably won’t ever have to do it again.  These parts don’t typically make any noise.  If you have a Schacht spinning wheel oil bottle they are great because they have the long needle on the bottle….great to get into tight spaces.  If you have a warp on you might want to put some paper towel underneath in case you squish out too much oil….you don’t want it dripping down.  If you don’t have an oil bottle you can put a drop of fine oil on a Q-tip or some other thin ‘something’ to get a drop on the rod.

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