Squeak on my Spring Loom

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I have just bought a Spring loom and am very happy with it.  I have my first project on it and I have a squeak!  I think it is in the wheels controlling the harnesses.  I wondered if there is any recommendation about how to lubricate them or would WD40 do it?

Usually, the squeak is coming from one of the 6 sets of rollers that the shafts move on.  There are 2 sets at the top of the loom on each side and 1 set near the bottom of the loom on each side.  The texsolv runs over the rollers.  I take a Q-tip and dip it in oil (olive, whatever) and then stick the Q-tip down onto the rod between the rollers.  You will have to wiggle the rollers around a bit and that should take care of it.  There is another place where a squeak can develop and that is where the feet on the bottom of the beater fit into the frame of the loom.  If that happens, break off a little piece of soap or wax and rub it on the groove in the wood. Those are the only places that have ever developed a squeak and usually that little drop of oil clears up the problem completely.

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