Spring Loom not holding it’s tension

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I just got my Louet Spring set up this last week, warped it with 10/2 linen in a very simple huck lace.  Began to weave this morning with 10/2 linen.  I can’t seem to get the loom to hold its tension.  Every time I beat the breast beam moves as well as the legs of course until the warp is sloppy.  I have the cords that attach to the springs on the thirteenth opening.  On top of it, the warp is very sticky and a bit hairy which doesn’t help.  Any suggestions?

It sounds like there could be two separate problems.  If you have wound on with paper, you may have slack in the roll.  Pull down on the paper and see if the roll will tighten.

If that doesn’t happen then you need to add some tension to the friction brake.  You do that by lifting up on the warp release handle with your right hand and then tighten up the knurled nut that is on the hook screw that attaches to the friction brake cable with your left hand.  See bottom of page 12 in the assembly manual. The uprights arms of the beater are supposed to move each time you step on a treadle.  The entire front beam rocks ever so slightly to neutralize the tension on the warp.  This means that whether your shed is open or closed, the tension on the warp never changes. So…..find the tension you want on your warp and set the texsolv cords at the hole that makes the uprights be straight up and down.

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