Single ply yarn in a warp?

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I want to use a blue 1 ply yarn in a shawl or blanket.  My question is can I use it as a warp thread because 1 ply is not as strong or only as weft?  Details: Raanulanka, Vippela, 250 tex (Nm 4), 100% wool, made in Finland (this is the info. from the label).  I thought if it was mixed with other 2 ply wools and balanced across the warp it would be okay.  I am interested to hear your comments.

It is very difficult for me to answer this question without seeing the yarn.  It sounds like it is on the heavy side though so it will probably be okay, especially if you are using it in a mixed warp.  If you do start to have trouble you can always paint a little sizing on it.  Boil up a tbsp. of flax seed with 2 cups of water and make a goop that looks much like metamusil.  Then thin it down a bit and paint your offending warp ends.  It will add a lot of cellulose to the yarn and will make it stronger.


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