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How do you get the colour of the warp to show more?  So far, the weft colour shows more than the warp colour in my projects.  I am sure you will cover this in the Colour and Design workshop but if there is a tidbit of information that you can give me it would be helpful.

If you are covering your warp with your weft, you are either beating too hard, not matching your ends per inch to your picks per inch, or your sett was too open.  Most of the time, when you are weaving a drapey scarf, you might think that it is too open if you balance the sett.  Especially if I have given you the sett.  Balance it and when it is washed all the holes are filled and the fabric becomes stable. It won’t happen until it is washed.  If you are guessing at the epi, then I’m not sure.  You need to practice doing some of those wraps around your ruler.

You could start by looking at my suggested setts and trying to match them on a ruler so you get the idea of what I’m looking for when I make a decision.  If you really want a lot of your warp to show, then you need to sett a little closer and weave with a skinnier weft so you see more of the warp, but still have a drapey fabric.

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