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I have a second hand David loom, with the overhead beater. I quite like it, weaves scarves, shawls and tea towels.  I saw a comment about shed size, weavers were saying that their David gave 2” – 3” deep sheds.  So, I measured mine and it is only 1 1/2” … I reread the online manual and it sounds like I could shorten the Texsolv tie-ups from treadle to lamm but I worry about messing up .. should I leave well enough alone or is there a fix?

I have 3 Davids and I get a 2 1/2” shed on all of them.  Check the length of your tie-up cords. Mine are all 10 1/2” long off the loom stretched out on a table.  One other thought…do you still have your lease sticks in?  Leaving your lease sticks in inhibits the amount that the shed will open.  Some weavers feel they need to leave them in and that is okay but you must keep them right back at the thread beam for an optimum shed.

O M G – I took off some of the tie-up cords,  from treadle to lamms and measured them 10”  so I need longer cords??  I will check as I think there is some spare Texsolv cord.  Oh, and no lease sticks in the warp.  David is a lovely loom btw.

That will get you a 2” shed. Try it out on a treadle and see what happens. Try one at 11” as well. You should be getting 2 1/2”.  At the top of the loom, the harness bars attach to the Texsolv cords with the little cup hook thingmes.  Are they attached to the first viable hole in the Texsolv?  A viable hole in Texsolv is the first one beyond where the cut has been made.  That very first hole has no strength so we don’t use that one.  They probably are in that first good hole but you never know what the original owner may have adjusted.

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