Shafts and lamms not quite level on my Spring Loom

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While I was weaving summer and winter towels I was having a problem with the cords jumping off the wheels on my Louet Spring and you advised me to shorten some of the cords (which I did).  I’ve now taken the towels off the loom and disconnected all the lamms, and put the locking pin in.  However things aren’t quite right now – the bottom lamms are not quite level (from one side to the other, and from front to back – it seems like one side is slightly higher than the other, but only by a few mms so I might be fussing!)  Also the shafts aren’t quite level (again by mm), and I definitely don’t have a slope from front to back. Unfortunately, the loom is on a carpet so my measurements will be a few mm out but do I start readjusting everything?  Some of the shafts still continued to jump off their wheels while I was weaving but nothing feels looser than anything else. I feel a bit pathetic about all of this – but it’s my first countermarche loom and I really want to get it right!

No big fuss, you just need to move the shaft either up a hole or down a hole in the texsolv cord.  You can either do that or you can adjust the heights of the shafts my turning the little white knob inside the black end piece on each shaft.  If you twist those white ribbed thingmes one way the shaft will go up and if you twist them the other way they will move down.  You just have to level it out again…should take about 2 seconds.

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