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I just got my new David loom, and got it put together last night.  Very exciting!  I watched the DVD today after work and was hoping to get a warp on the loom today or this weekend.  But the DVD I got was specific to the Spring loom.  Is there a different DVD for the David, and I just got the wrong one by mistake, or are they similar enough in the warping process that there’s no separate DVD instructions for the David?  If that’s the case, then I just have a couple of questions that weren’t covered by the DVD or the written assembly instructions.

  • Some of the springs up in the castle are wrapped in that stretchy plastic mesh. It doesn’t seem to get in the way. Should I remove it before weaving?
  • The instructions for the friction brake said not to install the back ratchet if you have a friction brake, but in the DVD Jane has and uses both braking systems for different purposes.  Any reason to pay attention to the written instructions over what made sense to me in the video?
  • On the Spring, Jane removed the beater entirely for threading. Should I just remove the reed from the beater instead?
  • The pin to hold the shafts in place is different in the 2 looms, it seems to me. It was easy to remove the pin when needed, but now I don’t know how to get it back in without taking off the shelf piece of veneer.

Fibrelady wrote : I have a Louet David and just love that loom!  Now, to your questions –

  • The plastic mesh on the springs belong there, it seems to prevent the springs from rubbing and possibly catching on each other.
  • I have a ratchet on both beams, and I use them both at different times during the warping and weaving process.  I just looked at the downloadable instructions and I can’t see where it says not to install it.  The DVD is definitely about the Spring Loom and normally, under these circumstances, I would pay attention to the written instructions, which are about the David.
  • I always remove the beater when threading the loom.  The way that Jane demonstrates warping on the DVD, shows her warping back to front, with your cross held in your lease sticks behind the castle.  With the beater removed, I can place a chair so I sit in the loom.  That way I can easily reach my warp to take my threads off the lease sticks, in the right order to thread them.  No long, uncomfortable reach.
  • I also always remove the shelf when warping.  I tap the underneath with the pin to lift it and remove it and then put the pin into the locking discs to hold the shafts in place while I thread the heddles and dent the reed.  It’s only when I’m ready to weave that I pull the locking pin out of the discs, place the shelf back in and drop the locking pin in it’s hole until the next time I warp my loom.


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