Reference points for the Louet Spring Loom

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Pin holding shafts steadyA photo of the pin in, it shows where the joining pegs are in the cords. Pin in Louet Spring LoomA close up to show the old markings on the cord so I know where to pick up the cords on the pin.  The holes are also very dirty after 25 years but the cords have not stretched in all this time. warp resting with pin inThis is where the warp sits when the pin is in.   It is a little lower than mid point in the reed. tie-up cords on Louet Spring LoomA shot of the tie-up cords, some are attached some aren’t.  It shows the longer cords coming in front of the lower corresponding lamm. feet on beater legsThe position of my feet on the beater legs great shed

My shed!

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