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What are the dimensions, in inches, of the Jane reed?  Will a 18.5 inch X 4.5 inch reed fit the Jane?

I just measured the beater of the Jane and the maximum width that a reed could be is 18 1/4″.   The height is perfect, but the extra 1/4″ length is a problem.  Are you borrowing a reed or do you have an extra one that you want to use?  If it is an extra one, you can take the end caps off the reed and cut it down a smidge, and then replace the end caps.  We also have reeds available for the Jane.

Thanks, I currently have a non-folding Mountain Loom with 4 reeds, and I am considering purchasing a Louet Jane in about a year or so because it is more portable.  I wanted to see if I could re-cycle my Mountain Loom reeds use them with a Jane.  I looks like “maybe” I can recycle them.

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