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I read a blog and this person mentioned when you push down on a treadle on the Spring Loom, it doesn’t rise till you depress another treadle.  Correct?

This is partly true – after you take your foot off, it doesn’t pop back up, it slowly eases up.  It makes no difference because when you step on the next treadle everything changes.  It has to do with it being a parallel countermarche loom and there are no other parallel countermarche looms like it, so it’s different, and sometimes people don’t like things if they are different.  It took me about 4 seconds to get used to it and appreciate the gentle change compared to the harsh loud drop off harnesses falling.

She said it was a weird feeling after a jack loom.  I don’t remember this happening on the Delta.

It doesn’t happen on the Delta because the Delta has rear slung treadles.  You have to lift your entire leg and foot each time you move to another treadle which is a much bigger movement.  It also means you have more movement in your hips.  The Spring’s treadles are hinged at the front so you have more of a heel to toe movement when treadling.  I much prefer it to the Delta.  This is the biggest point for me in regards to the Delta vs the Spring.  It’s how much easier it is to treadle a Spring than a Delta.

Is it hard to obtain a rhythm?

Not at all, it is effortless.

Also, how does it perform with double weave using all the pattern shafts?

It is just fine, I have woven a lot of Bronson Lace on 12 shafts on mine which means I am lifting 11 harnesses against one (for the tabby) and that was easier to treadle than some 4 harness Jack Looms I’ve worked on.

I tried to get some input on one of the weaving lists and the reoccurring question was about the front beam not having another support next to it as on the Delta.  There was some concern about stability even from Spring owners?  Is this a problem?

The Delta is so much bigger it needs the side brace, that is the only reason it has one.   My Spring is 24 years old and has woven probably 2000 yds of fabric over those years with no problems.

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