Putting together my new Delta Loom

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I am putting together my new Delta Loom.  I am at the point where it says to attach the beam cords to the screw heads of the warp beam and breast beam.  Since there are 2 beams, and I only have 10 I only have half as many as I need. Am I supposed to cut those 10 in half?  Or am I missing something?   I am afraid to cut them until I know for sure.  Then I have to figure out how to tie the apron rod etc. on.  Finding that the instructions assume I know more than I do.

Don’t cut them.  Fold them in half.  Start at one side and attach the end of one to a screw head.  Take the other end plus a new one and attach to the next screw etc.  you need 5 per beam.  You will end up with 4 or 5 loops depending on the width of your loom.  There is a photo in the instructions that shows you how to make the half hitch loops into which you will insert the apron rods.

Thank you so much.  Once you tell me, it makes perfect sense.  So glad to have you available to answer these, in retrospect, obvious questions.

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