Problems weaving on my old Leclerc Jack Loom

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I am weaving a log cabin pattern on my old Leclerc jack loom.  I am having trouble with the shed.  The opposite harnesses come up partially with the ones I am stepping on.  Do you have any idea why and what I can do to fix this.

I am not an expert with these old Jack looms.  I am guessing that something is sticking somewhere, either a thread is twisted between the shafts and the reed or something is snagging in the tie-up.  The first thing I would do is look into each shed in front of the beater and then behind the beater.  Do this by stepping on a treadle and then peering into the shed from the selvedge.  You might see a crossed thread that way.  After that I would check the tie-up and make sure everything is correctly attached. Make sure all your tie-up cords are the proper length, if you have any that are too short they won’t pull the treadle down far enough and therefore you won’t get the proper lift on the shaft.

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