Problems after adding more heddles to my Spring Loom

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I am having trouble with the right side of my Spring Loom after adding more heddles on that side and warping a project.  The pin will not go in because the cords can no longer move far enough to the right and when I step on a treadle the lower threads of the warp are all loose while the upper ones are fine.  The treadles are very stiff and something is sticking somewhere.  When I move the vertical cords on the left they move smoothly but on the right the are stiff.  Obviously I have done something wrong but cannot figure out how to fix it. I tied onto an old warp which wove beautifully but now nothing works.

You have a snag somewhere.  It is most likely a heddle that is stuck to one of the other harnesses.  The first thing I would do is pull all your heddles away from the edge of the pattern shafts.  If that doesn’t change the situation, then you have to sit at the side of the loom and look at each harness to make sure it isn’t attached in any way to another one.

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