Positioning the height of the Louet bench at a Louet Octado

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I am 5′ 7″.   Where should the Louet Bench be positioned height-wise with the Octado Loom?  Recently, I had the opportunity to try out an Octado and did not have a good experience.   The breast beam was not removed to thread the heddles or reed and my left arm was held over the beam; sometimes resting on the piece to complete the threading.   As a result, this caused my left arm lymphedema to swell.  (This has not been an issue in the past with other looms.)  I also found myself sliding forward off the bench.   The bench was set for someone 6 inches shorter than myself.   Your videos indicate removing those parts and sitting inside the loom.   I am also concerned about how high my arms should clear the beam to run the shuttle through the shed?   Thank you.

I am 5’6″ and I have my treadle set at the highest point and my bench is set on the 5th hole.  Here is a picture.

The treadle has 3 options for position and the bench has around 10….so you should be able to get the best feel for your body….torso and leg length are different for everybody which is why there are so many options. I’m sorry you had troubles threading but there is really no need for any problems…..the breast beam just lifts off and the entire beater lifts out of the loom.  This allows you to sit on a chair right inside the loom and thread at a proper height.   I can’t show you this in a photo as my looms are dressed at the moment.  However, dressing all Louet looms are pretty much the same and you see how I remove the breast beam and the beater on Youtube….just search Louet Looms and there is a series of videos…..you want to watch the Spring videos to see this. When my arms are bent they sit comfortably on the breast beam. I hope this information is helpful.

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