Planning to purchase a new loom, I’m 5’5″

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Planning to purchase a new loom.  Was researching the Louet Delta.  Looking for a versatile loom on the heavier side.  Although I want to weave cotton, linen, wool in different patterns for clothing, linens, towel, blankets; I also want to do some rug weaving. That may be too wide an area.  I have an old counterbalance, Leclerc which I can keep for now for rugs but can the Delta do all of those things?  Does it have the tension to do rugs? Also, I have read the discussions on the height of the weaver limiting the choice of this loom.  I am between 5/7 and 5/5.  I had considered a Glimakra also.  I am 60 and looking for a loom that weaves well without numerous issues.  My old counterbalance still fights me to get a good shed.

Based on what you have told me, I think the perfect loom for you is the Louet Spring, especially with your height.  Louet looms have a patented floating breast beam that allows them to build their looms with a smaller stature.  This special system allows you to weave heavily tensioned warps without putting any stress on the loom.  The tension is always the same on the warp whether the shed is open or closed.

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