No shed at all on my Louet Jane

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I bought my dream machine “Jane” loom and I love her to bits!! That built-in raddle is THE best thing EVER!! BUT, I have a problem.  My husband and I followed the building process to the letter. (We think!!)  I have her dressed and ready to go. However, I can not weave because I can not get a shed of any size!!  I couldn’t even pass a tapestry needle through it.  What the heck did we do wrong and how do I get a shed?? Eeek!! 🙂

Your toggles are in the right place, they just aren’t strung properly.  The cords coming up from the harness goes over a little white roller and then it should go directly into the hole on the toggle, threading from the back to the front.  Then when the loop is in the front you sling it up over the toggle.  See the pictures below.

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