Mystery parts on my “New to Me” Jane Loom

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I’m thrilled to be the owner of a ‘new to me’ Jane 70 Loom. There are a couple of parts on the loom that I’m not sure of what, if anything, they are for. On the inside of the sides frame at the front of the loom, there is a small wood dowel sticking out, I have not been able to figure out or find out what it is for, here is a picture of it…


And on each side of the frame beside where the shafts hang there is a threaded screw sticking up, again I don’t know what it’s for, here is the picture of that…


Thanks for any assistance you can give me!

Both of these details are used when the loom is folded.  The little pegs support the beater when the loom is folded and the threaded screws are used to hold the loom shut when it is folded.  When you want to fold the Jane loom down, you unscrew the black nuts on the sides of the loom (completely) and then when the loom is folded those threaded screws come up through the frame and you install the nuts on those threaded screws.  It locks the loom in its folded position.  There are pictures of this in the instruction manual.


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