My warp is slightly off the shuttle race.

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My warp is slightly off the shuttle race about 1/8” but I don’t see a way to change it. Being really watchful has helped the problem. I’ve had two skips but was able to repair them right away.

If you look at the bottom of your beater arms on the inside, there should be a long metal bracket type thingme with 2 nuts on them. If you undo those nuts you will see that your beater will move up and down. Lift your beater up as far as it will go…. Do one side at a time and tighten them up…. I betcha your shuttle race will be sitting beautifully underneath your warp supporting it. Throwing your shuttle properly = good technique and good technique = good cloth :^) Always weave mindfully, watch how you put that shuttle into the shed…. If it is dipping you will pick up warp threads.

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