My shafts don’t float back into place on my new Spring Loom

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This is a wonderful format, thank you for having it.  I am a new Spring 90 owner and love weaving on her, but I read where you said the shafts should float back into place after you have pressed a treadle and release it.  Mine do not.  I am weaving a simple 4H twill and my cords are tied to the first four screws on the treadles. The screws are horizontal.  At neutral my warp comes through the reed just below the halfway point and when the shed is open the bottom threads sit almost on the bottom of the reed.  I am weaving by pressing a treadle, throwing the shuttle, pressing the next treadle, beating the fell and then repeating as I go.  It works, but I hope you can tell me what I might have done wrong.

Don’t worry about that, sometimes they come down and sometimes they don’t, they will loosen up over time and even if they don’t, it doesn’t make any difference.  I have one Spring loom where they float down and my newer one they don’t…..I always know where I left off :^) Does it bother you that they don’t return?

When I weave I change the shed while the beater is against the fell of the cloth so it doesn’t matter to me.   I throw, beat, change, bring the beater back and I walk the treadles heal to toe.   I think that the cords that run on the rollers are one peg tighter than they used to be which means that the harnesses don’t fall because the whole system is a little snugger but it shouldn’t affect how you weave.

Actually, I have a really nice rhythm going with this project.  It doesn’t bother me at all.  I may even try your system.  It’s just that everyone I talked to said the harnesses definitely should float down.  Also, since this is my first countermarch, I didn’t know what to expect.  I knew only how my jack loom worked.  If you don’t think there’s a problem weaving this way, then I don’t either.  And, as you said, it may loosen up after it’s used some.

Go girl go!  As long as my cloth is looking skookum I never worry about these things.  The Louet counter-marche looms are like no others because the lamms work parallel to each other.   That makes the whole circular system clean and tidy and easy to tie-up.  The circle is tight on your loom and on one of mine but it will not affect how the loom works.    Happy Weaving.

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