Multiple threads in one heddle?

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I am threading my warp.  My project is a log cabin design on 4 harnesses for a shawl using up wool yarns.  My cloth will be at 8 epi but I am using different wool yarns, therefore, some are doubled and one is 4 threads to make one end.  I want to confirm that I need to thread all threads individually in a heddle and then space them in the reed (as 2?s or 4?s) to make the finished cloth.  I don’t think I can thread the heddles with 4 threads in one heddle, it has to be 4 threads in #1 – 4 times.  I hope you understand my question.

You can put all those threads that are acting as one end in one heddle.  It won’t hurt them at all.  If you thread them individually it will work as well, but it will be a lot more threading that isn’t necessary.  If you always want them to stay together, you can put them together.

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