Multi coloured weft

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If using 2 or 3 different yarns in the weft, can you use the same number of shuttles and just catch all the yarns at the ends so that you don’t have to keep cutting each one as you change yarns? When do you really have to cut the yarn to change colours?

Yes, you can use several shuttles at once, wrapping them at the edge.  You don’t have to have to catch them every time.  Sometimes I catch every 3rd or 5th pick depending on how fine my weft is, this brings up the other colour quite nicely.

If you are doing sequences like 2 light, 2 dark, I don’t catch them on the sides.  I have a shuttle on one side and one on the other and the weft scallops up the side.  I do that with up to 4 pick ends….ie 4 of one, 4 of another, scalloping up the side on the outside (not caught).

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