Moving heddles on a Hollandia

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I have inherited an Hollandia, just threading up my first warp.  I have run out of heddles on shaft 3.  How do I remove the heddles to borrow heddles from another shaft?  

Before you move your heddles you might want to put 4 twist ties on the heddles you are moving to preserve their order.  The ends of the shaft bars stick into texsolv cord.  I mark the texsolv hole that the shaft bar is in before I remove it from the texsolv.  Then I know exactly where it belongs.  I remove the top shaft bar and slip the heddles off of it and then return the bar into the texsolv.  (You now know why we wanted to use those twist ties).  Then you can take out the lower shaft bar and take the heddles off completely.  Move them to where ever you need them.

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