More tips for weaving with mohair

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I am a weaver in Milwaukee, WI.  I just discovered your website with lots of beautiful pictures and….most of all, saw that you are a weaver of mohair!  I just made a mohair throw on my 36″ loom and would LOVE to make more but I found the stickiness so difficult I don’t know if I can ever do a 100% mohair warp again….but I love how they look (and feel).  I see that I missed your day workshop on that subject (but I can’t make it to B.C. now anyway).  I have been looking all over for information on weaving with mohair and this was so perfect.  Do you have a booklet that gives your tips?  Or a video?  I would be so thrilled to be able to weave more colorful mohair throws!!

I don’t have a DVD on working with mohair, but I do have some written instructions that come with our kits.  In it I tell you how to make a “dummy warp”.  You might like to try it out with a narrow warp before you do it 36″ wide. This system makes weaving with mohair a breeze.  Also, in our Online Guild – I demonstrate working with mohair in Season 1: Episode 9 – Making a Mohair Blankie… Yes!  If you are ever looking for mohair we stock it in a lovely colour selection of Brushed Mohair.

I think I get how you do this. I have never done a dummy warp but it sounds easy enough.  I do have a couple questions: 1)  What is a “straight draw”? I guess I’m not familiar with that term.

1,2,3,4.  Just regular threading for plain weave

2)  Do you only weave one blanket at a time with the mohair warp or can you put a long enough warp on to weave more than one?

We make a warp for 3 which is 7 1/2 yards 3)

3)  You use a boat shuttle with a bobbin when you weave?  How large of a bobbin and shuttle?  I was using a ski shuttle and also a large stick shuttle.

I use a regular bobbin 4″…but I wind them tightly by holding down the fuzz right at the bobbin.

4)  I found I had a lot of fuzz come off the reed when I was done.  Is there a way to keep the blanket fuzzy while working on it so it doesn’t lose so much fuzz in the process?  I think the reed takes it out. I am using a 6 epi reed.

There will always be a lot of fuzz.  My reed is coated with fuzz.

5)  I saw you full your mohair blanket when done.  My mohair is not 100% mohair.  About 75%, I believe.  I doubt if that will full.

My mohair is 78% Mohair 13% Wool spun on a 9% nylon core.  It fulls very well.  Do a sample to test it.

6)  Do you ever brush the surface of the finished blanket when done to give it a little more fuzz?

I brush the blankets with a nylon hairbrush to raise the nap after the blankets are fulled.

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