Making a repair heddle

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Yikes.  I have a mis-threading.  Any suggestions for a repair heddle besides “make one out of string”?  For my metal heddle looms I used to have clip on metal repair heddles but, obviously, that won’t work for the Little David. I will try to explain this with words…hope it works.

Take a length of string that is double the height of your harness plus another foot.  You are going to take that string, fold it in half and then half hitch it to the bottom of the harness bar where you need the heddle.  Then you are going to take the two ends and tie a knot where the bottom of the heddle eye would normally be.  I visualize this by thinking about tying my shoe laces.  I do the first part of the tie and stop where the bottom of the heddle eye would be and then I finish off the knot.  Then I put the errant warp thread in the crotch of the heddle eye. (this might mean you have to cut the heddle that is wrong).   I always cut the heddle so I don’t end up breaking a warp thread.   Then I tie the top of the heddle eye shut…they same way I did the bottom, in two parts making sure that the eye is the proper height.  Then I have the remainder of the string that I tie to the top of the proper harness bar.

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