Loom with only four treadles and four tie-ups

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I recently was loaned a loom with only four treadles and four tie ups.  All of the loom patterns I look at require tying up in multiple places, do you know any patterns for four treadle singular tie-up?

Most fabrics require a lift of more than one shaft, so for your loom, you need to use both feet which is totally okay.  I would stick to plain weave and twills for a while until you get the hang of it.  If the treadle should be tied up to 1 and 3 all you have to do is step on treadle 1 with one foot and treadle 3 with the other and then you would move to 2 with one foot and 4 with the other…now you are weaving plain weave.   Twills are 1 and 2, then 2 and 3, then 3 and 4, then 1 and 4.  Give it a whirl, you’ll be flying in no time.

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