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I have warped the Jane with 288 ends, and have used all the dents in a 12 reed with an epi of 18.  When I started to weave I opened the shed (am only using 4 sheds) threw the shuttle and it started to fall through the bottom warp threads.  I then noticed that the tension on the bottom was much looser than the tension on the top.  Is this normal?  Is there any way I can equalize the tension on both the top and bottom?

The first thing I would check is the tension.  Do you need more tension on the warp?

I am at the beginning of my weaving and I am using mini blind slats as spacers for the fringes. I think that might be part of my problem as the are still on the front beam.  Also, when the warp is on the loom, should it dip in the middle where the shafts are?  Do I need to raise the shafts so the warp is straight from the front beam to the back?

I think the slats may be the problem.  Move them over the breast and see what happens.  The warp should dip, don’t raise the harnesses.  This is the sign of a good jack loom, they need to be lower, that is what makes the bottom shed tighter.  Imagine them lower, then imagine half starting to move up, past a neutral point until they are totally up.  Because they are lower to start with the end tension is closer when the shed it open.

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