Is the Louet Delta the right loom for you?

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I’m 5’9” with long legs and thought the height on the Delta would be nice. Unfortunately, I can’t locate a Delta anywhere near me, so haven’t actually sat at one.  Your comments about the leg lifting and rolling of the hips when weaving, really give me pause.

First, let me tell you something about myself.  I am short, chubby and have no abs. (well, I have them, you just can’t find them in there).  The Delta simply just doesn’t fit my body type.  But don’t worry, there are many extremely happy Delta owners in the world.  They are typically taller people, and they love the Delta because it fits their stature.  They can get a full leg extension.  I don’t like it only because I’m too short for it.  Louet makes 6 different floor looms and each of them has been designed for different needs.  A large person needs a large loom and small person needs a smaller loom.  Because the Delta is larger, it has to have that style of treadle to allow for the optimum shed that all Louet looms have.  Rear slung treadles are the norm on all bigger taller looms. The Delta and the Spring are both fabulous looms but then so is every loom that Louet makes.  The little David is perfect in so many ways.  All Louet looms are known for their huge sheds.  Even the Jane Loom has a 3 1/2″ shed and it is a table loom. I am interested in your description of the Delta as Louet’s premier loom.  I have never seen that description on the site or in their catalogue.  The Delta and Spring both work exactly the same way…they both have the same counter-marche system, floating breast beam, built-in raddle, handle on the beater, friction brake system (slightly different on each loom).  The only real difference is size and the treadling system. You are very smart doing this research and I wish you could pop into my studio because I have all the looms here for people to try.  Finding the right loom for your own body type is one of the most important priorities when choosing a loom. 

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