How to “fix” a warp thread

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I’ve just discovered that I need to replace a warp thread that got threaded under the heddle ‘hole’ instead of through it.  Of course, I’ve woven too far to unweave and start again.  Then I remembered, partially, about a trick you have to replace warp threads.  Can’t remember more than that, but it’s a slick trick.  Can you explain it again?

There are 2 ways you can fix that problem.  It is so much easier to fix these things with texsolv heddles.

Option #1: Texsolv heddles can be cut in-between their legs, as it were.  You have those joiny things at the top and bottom of the heddle eye.  If your thread is underneath the heddle eye then cut the bottom joiny things and your warp end will be able to move up into its proper house.  Then you need to take a little piece of string and just tie the two legs together very tightly.  Don’t use any fancy-schmancy knots.  Just a couple of overhand knots to close the bottom of the heddle eye.  Tight.

Option #2: Is to cut out the existing heddle and tie in a new one.  It is so much easier to demonstrate this than to describe it, but here goes.  Take a good long piece of string….it has to be double the length of a heddle plus another 6-8 inches long so it is easy to tie.  You can cut off the excess later. Fold that string in half and half hitch it to the bottom on the harness bar.  Then with the 2 free ends in your hand, you tie the first half of a square knot, placing it right where the bottom on your heddle eye should be.  When you know it is in the right place, finish off the square knot.  You now have the bottom of your heddle eye.  You do the same thing a little higher up to create the top of your heddle eye.  The first part of the square knot places it and the second part locks it.  You could have even put your warp thread into the eye before you tied the top.  Then you have to half-hitch the ends of the strings to the top of your harness bar.  You do that with the same knot you use to tie onto the front apron.  Hope this made sense.

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