How long a warp can the Jane Loom hold?

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I have just purchased a 40cm Jane Louet Table Loom and am ready to begin my first project.  Can you tell me approximately how long a warp this table loom can hold? I’m not looking to put a long warp on the first time around, but thought it would be handy to know as I cut my paper for packing the warp.

If your warp is fine like 8/2 cotton you could put on an 8-10 yd. warp.  If it is heavier like 4 ply wool, I think you could get on a 6-7 yd. warp easily.  That is using regular brown paper (not corrugated cardboard).  If you have purchased the stand you can take the cloth beam and the warp beam out of the table loom and insert them into the stand which allows you put to on any length of warp up to 20 yds. (approx).

Sounds like she can hold a good size warp!

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