How do I tie-up a sinking shed loom

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I am a new weaver and new loom owner to an old loom.  My first projects were towels on a Louet WT 80 (borrowed).  I now own a 1953 Fanny Leclerc.  It has cleaned up beautifully, I have replaced the treadle cords.  I understand you have a Fanny in your studio, I am hoping my question will make sense.  I want to tie up the treadles in a twill pattern. I think I should just use the 4 treadles in the centre, starting from the right, I would do 1-2 but to raise those shafts I actually need to tie up to 3-4, opposite to what I want.  I feel very dense about this and frustrated.  The direct tie-up on the WT 80, 1-1, 2-2 etc, was very straight forward.  Now it seems I have to do everything opposite.  Will you point me in the right direction, please!

You have figured it out.  Most patterns are now written for rising shed looms. All you have to do is tie-up the empty boxes in the tie-up box. ie. 12 will be 34 23 will be 14 34 will be 12 14 will be 23 Hope this helps.

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