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I wonder if you could tell me if I have a problem with my brake release foot pedal.  All the info in the loom book says it should be parallel to the floor; instead, it is angled up and is touching the mechanism where the lamm cords run through the guides to go up the side of the loom (the white plastic rotating guides).  Since I have yet to weave successfully on this loom, I can’t identify if it is a problem, but I can tell it has always been this way on this loom because of the wear patterns on the foot pedal.  I’d like to assume it’s not a problem since I can’t figure out how to fix it if it is.

The brake release foot pedal usually isn’t perfectly parallel to the floor, it is angled up slightly on my loom, however, it does not come into contact with the bottom of the guides that you refer to.  The cable comes down from the brake drum and attaches to the treadle screwed into a wing nut.  The screw goes down through the brake pedal and it is held by a washer and wing nut.  My guess is the wing nut is screwed up too far putting a great deal of tension on the tension brake and forcing the pedal to sit higher than it is supposed too.   Undo that wing nut a bit and see if your pedal drops at all or at lease drops enough so that is doesn’t rub on the bottom of the harnesses (guide thingme).

I’ll try it out as soon as my new heddles arrive and I can finish warping it.  I did fiddle around with that wing nut last time I warped it and if my memory serves me correctly, the brake ended up being too loose (warp beam spinning without resistance) instead of the brake pedal lowering down.  Perhaps that means I need a new spring for the brake?  Maybe my spring is so old it has lost its flexibility and the brake pedal is being locked into place.

It is best to try these adjustments out when you have a warp on.

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