Hemstitching Tea Towels

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Do you hemstitch tea towels even when they are going to have turned hems?   Or do you just machine stitch the ends after removing them from the loom?  I’ve always machine stitched the ends but am wondering if I could skip this step if I hemstitched on the loom…will hemstitching encased in a seam hold up to lots of machine washing?

I don’t hemstitch for a towel with a turned hem.  I do just what you do….machine stitch the edge and then I double fold and pin.  Sometimes I hand stitch, sometimes I machine stitch, it depends on my patience level on the day.  I even have a few towels that I have never gotten around to hemming, but I still use them.  When those are in use I loudly proclaim that hemming of any kind is highly overrated. :^)

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