Hemstitching on a mohair throw

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I have a question about weaving a mohair throw.  I’m a new weaver.  Looking at an older mohair throw purchased close to 40 years ago, I don’t see any hem stitching at the beginning or end of the blanket by the fringe on the warp ends.  Do you recommend doing a hem stitch at the beginning and end of a mohair throw or will the fibers grab onto each other and secure the weaving?  If yes, on hemstitching, do you do a regular hemstitch, as on your help page, do you use the weft color/fiber for this?

I have always hemstitched my mohair blankies using the weft mohair and the regular hemstitching.  You don’t have to worry about anything wiggling out while you are fulling. Keep your fringes around 4″ long.

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