Help! Do I have to throw my warp away???

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I am making a blanket out of the Shadow Weave Shawls in Bamboo pattern in Issue 158 page 38. I think I misunderstood the directions when I threaded the loom.  Using an 8 dent reed I threaded two of white Eco Andean DK Wool (22 stitches on 4mm needle, roughly 16epi) in every other dent X2.  The other fibre I’m using is Green/blue Cascade Yards 14-16 stitches = 4 inches.  Since the ECO fibre is heavier I only threaded one per dent. Now I see I am probably required to thread each of the double dent threads in separate heddles.  That means I have to take everything off the loom and start over with more heddles and a different green/blue wool. Is this correct?

You are correct…the threads have to be in individual heddles.  Your heddles and harnesses control pattern and interlacement and your reed controls density.  You have to start over.  But you don’t have to scrap your yarn or your warp.…just take everything out the reed and heddles and rethread properly  and then rethread your reed.  We warp back to front in my studio….we wind the whole thing on the back beam,  then we thread through the heddles and then we sley the reed. You don’t have a cross anymore but that is okay….you know which threads were warped together….I would take a piece of cardboard and place it carefully over your warp threads on the back beam….sandwich them so they don’t move around and then just take them in the proper order to thread. You might even like threading this way of threading and you will certainly like sleying this way much better than the other way because you will be sleying directly from your heddles.  If you google Louet weaving Spring Loom you can see me demonstrating how I thread a loom and sley it.

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