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Once again our guild, Midnight Shuttles is looking to do several group projects. The first is a friendship blanket.  Many years ago we made friendship blankets and new members are interested in doing the project again.  We used 2/8 natural cotton for a warp set at 18 epi and the weft was two ply wool.  We chose overshot patterns from Margaret Davidson’s book.  The wool that was used those many years ago does NOT make the blanket soft but rather harsh.  Do you carry wools that would be suitable and fairly soft , available in a variety of colours?  It is planned to use overshot patterns again.

I love group projects, what fun! If you go the overshot route I would suggest you use Harrisville Shetland for the pattern weft but I would also suggest that you open up the sett to allow all the yarns to balance better.  Remember, with overshot  you have 2 wefts that have to balance on 1 warp.  By this I mean…if you sett your warp at 18 epi you will have to beat your 18 tabby wefts and 18 pattern wefts into that one inch which is not possible so your weaving becomes very hard, your circle become ovals, your squares become high rectangles……..if you open up your sett then you will have fewer weft picks and both of those wefts will be able to sit within the warp much better.  You will have more negative space in the cloth on loom and then when you wash it…voila..softness. I would suggest that you try setting your warp at 12 or 14 epi……but I would do a sample to test your sett before the project….there is going to be a lot of weaving going on so why not get the end result you are after by sampling and testing your sett.

It will be a great learning experience for your new weavers as well. I am going to send you a link to a great group project that I did with a group of students from Olds College a few years ago.  It was for a tea towel exchange and it was great fun. There are 2 links….. 1 for the finished results – Olds College Tea Towel Exchange  

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