Fulling mohair in a front loading washing machine

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I would like to full mohair blankets in my front loader washing machine. Is there a procedure for this?

The following is the discussion that took place on JST Ravelry Group on this topic.

Jane: I have fulled 100’s of mohair blankets in my top loader but I have never done one in a front loader because I don’t have one. I have heard that you can’t control the amount of water and perhaps even the water temperature, which is why I encourage weavers to find a top loader where you have more control of all 3 of the elements required for good fulling.  They are: water temperature, agitation and a fulling agent (soap).  I would weave a sample to try if you have no other option available to you.  Good luck.

Toni: I have fulled both mohair and wool items in my front loader.  My machine allows me to add things for up to 8 minutes after the cycle has started.  Most of the tubs are slanted so the water doesn’t dump on the floor when the door opens.  So I start the washer, put in enough warm water (or whatever temp you full at), add the item you’re working on and let it soak for a while.  Then I agitate usually on a ‘handwash’ setting, stopping periodically to check things out.  When the process is where I want it to stop, I remove the cloth and plop it in the sink.  Yes, it’s a wet process but oh well.  Then I spin the washer dry, add the soggy cloth back in and set it to a spin cycle to take out much of the water.  Works for me, give it a go.

Jane: Cool Toni, that is so good to know….now I won’t panic when my old top loader stops working.  I have often worried about what I would do but it sounds like there are more options now.

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