Fringes on mohair blankies????

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I have a mohair question.  I have FINALLY finished the mohair blanket I started almost a year ago (yes, life got in the way). I took it off the loom last night and I absolutely love it.  Now it’s time to full it which I will do in our front load washing machine, using Ravelry’s tonigatland instructions.  I’ve never fulled wool before so this is just a bit intimidating.  My question relates to the fringe.  I wasn’t planning on twisting the fringe, just leaving it loose but I am hesitant to put it in the washing machine this way.  Is this a bad idea?  Are fringes on a mohair blanket usually twisted?

I don’t twist the fringes on my blankets, but I do hemstitch them on the loom. I trim them down to approx.  4” long before I full the blankets and then they are easy to brush out along with the rest of the blanket.  I brush when the blanket is damp, straight out of the washer.  If you don’t trim the fringes down and leave them long….it is really really hard to sort them out.

Beautiful, soft, loose, fringe

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