Forgot my lashing cords

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In the category of, “you’ll never do that again” I put on a bambu/chenille warp last night and forgot to lash it down.  Sigh.  So I’m not sure what’s going to happen.   I’ve tied on, but I’ve kept the lease sticks in thinking that that might be a good idea since it doesn’t have lashing at the other end????   But I haven’t tied the final knot,  just in case you think I should take the sticks out and just proceed as usual.   Please don’t tell me to unwind the warp!   But I will if I have to.   Sigh, sigh.   Ah, well, it’s all a learning process, and perhaps in the distant past, you may have done this as well??

No problem.   Take the lease sticks out and weave your little heart out.  Watch the back beam for when the rods will be exposed.  As soon as they do their final unwrap you can go in a put in some lashing and then finish off the scarf. Just a note as to ppi.  I would weave that scarf at 13ish ppi.  After many wearings, the chenille started to worm a tiny bit at 12 ppi.

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