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I’m confused about my floating breast beam.  After I wind on the warp, should I move it to be perpendicular to the floor?   Do I need to move it back to perpendicular every time I wind the material forward?

The floating breast on your Spring loom must be moved to that perpendicular point every time you advance your warp.  When you do this it ensures that your warp tension is exactly the same as it was before you advanced the warp.  This feature really cuts down on the little lines in your cloth that sometimes happen right after you advance your warp.  The other reason you have a floating breast beam is this: every time you step on a treadle that beam actually rocks a tiny little bit.  You don’t notice from above, but if you were looking at the base of the floating breast beam you would see it move backwards and forward a teeny little bit every time you step on a treadle.  This action ensures that the tension on your warp never ever changes whether your shed is open or closed.  Hope this helps.

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