Finishing your Harrisville Shetland Blankie or Scarf

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Repair any skips and darn in joins. Twist your fringes and wet finish in warm sudsy water until the Shetland blooms to your liking. It generally takes about five minutes of good skookum swooshing in the sink. If using a washing machine, proceed with great care as it is easy to overfull Shetland. Then rinse your wrap, being careful to keep the temperatures of the wash and rinse cycles similar to avoid thermal shock.

You can spin it out in the washing machine and lay flat to dry. You can also brush Harrisville Shetland, which adds a nice soft pile to the surface. Let the wrap spin dry, then remove it from the machine and brush it while it is still damp, using a fine nylon hairbrush or try a cat brush that does not pull on the weave structure. Brush lengthwise with the warp in both directions followed by selvedge to selvedge with the weft. Brush and trim the fringe and let the wrap finish drying over a drying rack or railing.

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