Extra weights for the beater of my Delta loom?

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I am wondering if Louet provides an extra weight for the beater of my Delta loom for weaving weft-faced rugs that require a good beating as it were?

There is no special weight for the Delta….are you having trouble getting a good heavy beat or are you preparing based on things you have read?

Actually I am asking based on what I read ……

You need not worry.  Your Delta has the amazing floating breast beam which neutralizes the tension on the warp when you step on a treadle. Other looms don’t have this and that is one of the reasons the beater needs more weight.  On a traditional loom when you step on a treadle the warp gets tighter and it is then harder for the weft to get down into the fell of the cloth, but because your warp does not get tighter and the shed is so big the weft can easily get into the fell.  If you are having difficulty with weft coverage and bits of your warp are showing through then you need to open up your sett so the weft can pack down farther.

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