Extending a Louet Kombo Table Loom

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I bought a Louet Kombo 40 table loom online from a private party.  Love it and wanted to get the extension kit to upgrade to an 8 shaft.  On line a small shop said they had one but when it came the box says Louet Clik.  If I am not mistaken this will not work on a combo,correct? I wish I could see what the extension looks like, I am assuming that it is exactly like the tower that is already on the loom?  Thanks for your help, looks like I will have to send the extension unit back.

You cannot use a Klik extension for a Kombo loom….they are completely different looms. The Kombo had several different generations.  The first ones were either 4 or 8 and then they made a 4 that could be extended to 8.  If you have one of those you are in luck. If you have an original that doesn’t have the extra grooves in the castle to hold 4 more shafts you will not be able to extend the loom.  So look to see if you have 4 slots in the castle that would hold 4 more pattern shafts.  You can still get them and I can get a kit for you if you like.  Contact me for the current price.

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