Does everything have to be wet finished?

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I have just finished my second weaving on a cricket loom. Does everything have to be wet finished?  Are there advantages or disadvantages to wet finishing? Is it like blocking in knitting?  The yarn I used is a washable yarn, content is 50% Fine Nylon, 50% Super Fine Acrylic.  The yarn is called Comfort by Berroco.  Thanks in advance for your help.  Pat

All fabrics with the possible exception of rugs, benefit from wet finishing.  Weavers typically use natural fibres, wool, cotton, linen or blends of these fibres.  When you use natural fibres they respond to wet finishing…..wool fibres open and bloom and shrink a little, cotton and linen fibres relax and soften and all of this movement is what creates the magic of handwoven fabrics.  You may not see much happening with the yarns that you have used in your project because they are nylon and acrylic, however, there will be some relaxation which will add to the softening of your fabric.  I encourage you to look for yarns that have more natural fibre in them or at least blends of both.  Welcome to the weaving world Pat, it is a lovely world where yarn can transform into a million things.  I hope this answer is helpful.

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