Do you use a yardage counter?

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Do you use a yardage counter, Jane?

I don’t use yardage counters because it is rather labour intensive trying to figure out what you have.  If you are using them for sectional warping that is another matter but if you are trying to figure out how much yarn you have, I use a regular kitchen scale set to grams to figure out my yardage. You weigh the yarn and subtract for the cone.  Cones usually weigh around 20-35 grams. Then you take the yardage per pound for the yarn in question (it is on my website under every yarn we sell) and multiply it by 2.2 which is the # of lbs in a kilo. For example 10/2 cotton has 4200 yds in it so x 2.2 you get 9240……knock off a decimal point and you have 924 yds. per 100 grams. So, if your kitchen scale said 313 grams, subtract 30ish for the cone, which gives you 283 grams x 924 yds. = 2614 yds. of 10/2 cotton on your cone.

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